These Troubled Times – Covid 19

The Covid 19 situation is changing daily, so please check with venues and look at musicians websites before travelling to a gig that might not be happening.

This is what I know now… (Everything could change tomorrow.)

Gig cancellations

Some clubs and venues are closing for the duration of the Covid 19 crisis and cancelling their artists.  It seems likely that large gatherings will be shut down by the government once our politicians get their act together. This could affect festivals and large concerts.

I had a Canadian artist who arrived last week ready to tour in March/April, but no sooner had he arrived than the Canadian government issued a warning to Canadian citizens abroad to get a flight home a) while they still could and b) before Canada closed its borders. Hence he did 2 gigs and then had to find $2500 for a flight home.  Ouch!

Whatever country you are touring from could do the same. Don’t travel and get stranded.

Re CoS.

Before all this blew up I issued Certificates of Sponsorship for artists touring in April and May, which is now believed to be when Covid 19 will peak in the UK. It seems highly likely that, whether the venues themselves decide to close, or whether the government puts a ban on gatherings, many festivals and events will not happen this year.

At present I am not issuing CoS for artists touring in April, May and June UNLESS they have a guarantee that their gigs will go ahead (which currently is almost impossible to get), or unless they give me the go-ahead in the full knowledge that if their gigs don’t happen, for whatever reason, there are no refunds.

My feeling is that anyone intending to tour here in April, May or June should seriously reconsider rebooking their gigs for later in the year or even for 2021.

UPDATE: As of 2022 I no longer issue CoS.

Good luck, everybody. Stay safe.

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