Over the Moon (Canada)

Terrific Canadian duo singing Canadian Cowboy/Western Swing/Bluegrassy songs in close harmony wityh banjos, guitars and upright bass. Nominated for  Juno Award, a Canadian Folk Music Award… and now they are on the ballot for a GRAMMY! How cool is that?

John Wort Hannam (Canada)

Touring with fiddler Scott Duncan, John has been nominated for (and won) more awards than you can shake a stick at, and he’s currently up for a Canadian Folk Music Award (again). He’s a fabulous singer-songwriter with a relaxed on-stage personality and a bucket ful of intelligent songs.

Huw Williams (UK)

Once half of the legendary duo Huw and Rony Williams, everyone knows Huw for Rosemary’s Sister but he also has a tremendous fund of superb songs from We stayed Awake to I can Jump Puddles. Huw and Tony toured relentlessly and when they retired from the road they left a huge hole behind them. Now, at last, Huw is available for solo gigs with his guitar, his bucket full of songs, and his trademark drollery.

Keith Donnelly (UK)

Keith is the funniest thing to happen to folk music since the banjo! Stand-up comic, fall-down comedian, surreal snigger-songwriter, guitar-hero, performance-artist, [tall] story-teller, inner-childminder, actor, stuntman, raconteur, author, wit, half-wit, Geordie-cultural-attache, word-juggler, unexpected clairvoyant, dream-weaver, daydream believer, smile sculptor,  Great-British eccentric, [alleged], champion tiddly-winker, sanddancer, friend to the pantomime horse, and… all-round good egg.

Donnelly & South (UK)

Keith Donnelly is now available with the lovely Lauren South. This gives Keith the opportunity to air some of his more serious songs and to play for Lauren’s beautiful singing.Keith’s madcappery plus Lauren’s stunning vocals on Keith’s songs, her own originals, as well as the odd ‘trad’ song, not forgetting her violin, guitar and Shruti box playing, never fail to ‘wow’ audiences

Zulu warriors Zulu Tradition (S. Africa)

Available for Festivals, concerts, school workshop days, events of all kinds. They are a theatre company, a band, a dance troupe, storytellers and educators all rolled into one. Celebrate cultural diversity with performances and workshops. more…

Ritchie-Parrish-RitchieRitchie-Parrish-Ritchie  (Canada)

Tanglefoot’s rhythm guys back together again!They rocked the folk/roots music scene as the rhythm section of the fabulous TANGLEFOOT, one of Canada’s most popular exports to the UK – a band with a relentless tour schedule across Canada, the US & Britain matched only by their rampaging onstage energy. Now with added percussion as a four-piece. Their busy schedule means that they can’t do extended UK tours, but they will make themselves available for something interesting.

ArtisanArtisan – Never say never again

Artisan has done two reunion tours, and though nothing formal is in the pipeline, they never say never again, and can be persuaded out into the wild for something really interesting.

Tania and MikeTania Opland & Mike Freeman (Alaska/UK)

Soundclip: Fair and Tender Ladies – Hamered dulcimer, guitar, violin, cittern, Native American flute, percussion… with songs in many languages and rhythmic roots from Siberia to Morocco. This Anglo-Alaskan duo … more

Robb Johnson (UK)

Robb says he’s just a bloke with a guitar. He is. But he’s one who has chronicled ourtimes: painting the less-than-sunny political landscape in the moonlight of the personal. Just like a folk singer should.

“Britain’s finest songwriter since Richard Thompson”Venue “Love songs as touching as the political material is sharp.” Red Pepper

dan wotnoDan McKinnon (Canada)

Soundclip: Wandering Days, A warm baritone voice, superb guitar and warm style are Dan’s trademark. His smooth melodies cover the entire folk spectrum, with themes traditional, historical, contemporary and universal… more

Union JillUnion Jill (UK)

Fantastic new songwriting duo from York with upcoming new album produced by Clive Gregson. Stunning vocals with guitar, mandola and concertina.

Lee Collinson (UK)

From the earliest age Lee has been blessed with fingers capable of guitar-playing beyond mere mortals! Lee can switch from contemporary and traditional folk, to 50s style, blues and jazz. “He’s lost none of his blinding touch on the guitar. An entertainer par excellence, there is never a dull moment in his presence.” – The Ram Club‘Lee provided a relaxed fun evening with amazing guitar skills covering a wide range of musical styles’. The audience were spellbound.” – Dartford Folk Club

Ubunye (South Africa/UK)

Afro-jazz fusion, Ubunye (‘one-ness’) unites singers hailing from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa with gospel and Jazz musicians from Leeds, in an inspirational blend of jazz, Isigqi – traditional Zulu music – and Afro-pop. High energy African beats and traditional sounds morph into more contemporary African musical styles. All that and the jazz skills of this established group. Bring it on!




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