Vin GarbuttVin Garbutt (UK)

I have long admired Vin Garbutt, the man and the music. His singing, his songs (some self written and some carefully chosen) and his wit and wisdom that has audiences rolling in the aisles from Aberdeen to Adelaide. It is with very great pleasure that I welcome him to the agency. more…

Zulu warriorsZulu Tradition (S. Africa)

Available for Festivals, concerts, school workshop days, events of all kinds. They are a theatre company, a band, a dance troupe, storytellers and educators all rolled into one. Celebrate cultural diversity with performances and workshops. more…

Al ParrishAl Parrish (Canada)

Bassist/singer/guitarist with Tanglefoot and Ritchie Parrish Ritchie, singer and joint front-man, Al Parrish tours with a solo show that’s an eclectic mix of songs, plus traditional contemporary and self-written items. Al plays not only the standup bass that he’s well known for, but acoustic and bass guitars, too. More…

Ritchie-Parrish-RitchieRitchie-Parrish-Ritchie  (Canada)

The UnTangled Tour
Tanglefoot’s rhythm guys back together again!

They rocked the folk/roots music scene as the rhythm section of the fabulous TANGLEFOOT, one of Canada’s most popular exports to the UK – a band with a relentless tour schedule across Canada, the US & Britain matched only by their rampaging onstage energy. Now with added percussion as a four-piece.

ArtisanArtisan Ten Year Reunion

The Artisan ten year treunion tour will take place from 9th April to 4th October 2015. Artisan will be available for only six gigs a month because of the members’ other commitments, so book your date early.

Tania and MikeTania Opland & Mike Freeman (Alaska/UK)

Soundclip: Fair and Tender Ladies – Hamered dulcimer, guitar, violin, cittern, Native American flute, percussion… with songs in many languages and rhythmic roots from Siberia to Morocco. This Anglo-Alaskan duo … more

Cloudstreet (Australia)

After John’s turn as Songman in the Australian production of War Horse, Cloudstreet are once more touring the UK from 24th April to 31st May 2015. They will be touring as a three piece, adding Emma Nixon on fiddle to the regular duo lineup.

Soundclip:Dance Up the Sun

dan wotnoDan McKinnon (Canada)

Soundclip: Wandering Days, A warm baritone voice, superb guitar and warm style are Dan’s trademark. His smooth melodies cover the entire folk spectrum, with themes traditional, historical, contemporary and universal… more

Union JillUnion Jill (UK)

Fantastic new songwriting duo from York with upcoming new album produced by Clive Gregson. Stunning vocals with guitar, mandola and concertina.

Eileen McGann with David K (Canada)

Soundclip: Braw Sailin’ On the Sea Eileen is one of Canada’s foremost songstresses, equally at home with her own self-written songs or interpreting the tradition. Her voice is as clear as a lark but has the strength of an eagle… more

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